Welcome to my visual space.


I am a passionate photographer based in Dubai. I have always been interested in photography since I was a little girl. I have been practicing photography for as long as I can remember, you see I was so influenced by my father. He used to document our lives with his collection of cameras. He used to teach us the value of an image, because as he puts it "one day it will be part of our history for generations to come". He was so protective of the images he developed, that he stored them in a small vault. Each image had a handwritten caption and description to complete the documentation process. I grew up in such an evnironment, and I learned to love it.


I developed my own path, and after many years of taking images I found myself in certain genres such visual story telling (documetary photography) and grew a passion for street photography as well. I find street life a perfect medium to document various communities lifestyles either within cities or rural areas.


Also, travelling and exploring is essential to search for insights necessary to feed my documentation process. I try to compile visual findings in series that hopefully can render various visual narratives. 


Through my profession (corporate social responsibility) I found out that photography is a powerful tool that we can use for social good. Therefore, I have been involved in curating various community art projects with visible social impact.


Hope you enjoy some of the stories I try to tell.






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