#emarati strong woman welcomed me yesterday with her beautiful smile. I always feel right at home when I come visit her. Shaikha is a 60+ year old Emarati housewife who lives in a village called Bathna which is located in the outskirts of #Fujaira, one of #UAE's seven emirates. I first met her over a year ago, while documenting villages in that area for my upcoming book. It was already getting dark, and I was in my car scrolling through the images I took throughout that day. I heard a knock on my window and there she was. She was curious about me being there alone; she knew I was a passing visitor, as most villages are small and everyone living within know eachother. She insisted I get down and have some of her great #arabic #coffee mixed with cardamon (our traditional way of making it). She lived alone; her husband was away and she had no children. So that meant she was the caretaker of her household; washing, cleaning, cooking etc. She welcomed me in and with no hesitation started talking about herself and her life. It was a matter of minutes when her neighbor walked in with a plate of food in her hand... I miss that here within the city, we stopped doing that ... Everyone was is so busy... Her neighbor is also called Shaikha. It was a pleasant evening; got to know her and her neighbor; got to experience how we used to live before, and from that day on; I make it a point to visit her and her neighbor every now and then.Shaikha's neighbor grandson (little AbdulRahman) joined us this time and he sure was fascinated by my camera... I hope this gets him interested in photography 😊 we never know

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