We believe that all of us have some  sense of creativity. Its us who determine to nurture this ability to flourish to some form of art. Simon and Omar are dedicated students. The love to take images of places and moments they feel are special. MOBIPIXUAE wanted to explore their talents and was really curious to see what they see. We started to assess their level of their ability and was surprised to see their amazing talent. We are definite that if supported with the right guidance Simon and Omar can take their passion for photography to higher levels in the future. Weekly classes in a span of 3 months where pure joy and we believe it created impact on both teacher and students.

Simon is 21 years old and has Down’s Syndrome.   He comes from the UK but currently lives with his family in Dubai.   Simon took his first photographs when he was 7, using a Polaroid  i-Zone (a novelty kids camera) he had been given as a Christmas present.   Limited though it was, it sparked Simon’s interest in taking photos and was soon replaced with a Panasonic automatic.   He has progressed through a series of automatic cameras to the Nikon bridge camera he currently uses.   Simon takes his camera wherever he goes and his albums are an eclectic mix of family, friends & Masai villagers;  African big game and family pets;  Grand Mosques & small stone churches nestling in the Scottish Highlands. Simon is working to develop the creative aspects of his photography.


Omar Zuhair is an 18 year old student of Rashid Centre. He has Global Delay and is academically challenged. Photography is a very recent discovery for him. Since it doesn't requiring any particular reading or numerical skills, he feels this is something he can do , enjoy and produce results. Thanks to mobipixuae  Omar has found a new passion and a way of expressing himself.

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